Bioinformatics Teams

URBiT Projects

UA Ruhr Bioinformatics Teams are involved in many small and large-scale research projects across the UA Ruhr universities. Here, we aim to provide an overview of the major institutional projects with URBiT involvement.

  • DFG GRK/RTG 2535: Knowledge and data driven personalised medicine at the point-of-care (2021-)
  • DFG GRK/RTG 2624: Biostatistical Methods for High-Dimensional Data in Toxicology (2021-)
  • DFG SFB/CRC 1439: Multilevel response to stressor increase and release in stream ecosystems (RESIST; 2021-)
  • DFG nfdi4chem: National Research Data Infrastructure for Chemistry (2021-)
  • DFG SFB/CRC 876: Providing information by resource-constrained data analysis (2011-2023)
  • SFG SFB/CRC 823: Statistical modelling of nonlinear dynamic processes ()

URBiT Institutions

UA Ruhr Bioinformatics Teams are also involved in several interdisciplinary institutes, centers and research buildings of the UA Ruhr universities.

  • DoDSC: Dortmund Data Science Center, TU Dortmund
  • Research Building ProDi: Center for protein diagnostics, RUB
  • ZMB: Center of Medical Biotechnology, University of Duisburg-Essen ()

To add a project, please contact Johannes Köster (contact info at the bottom of that page) with the details.